Drag Racer 3.01

Fun straight-line racing game for beginners and enthusiasts alike

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    Windows XP / Windows 2000 / Windows ME / Windows 98 SE / Windows 98

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    6.6 (334)

Drag Racer is a fun game that combines elements of character creation with a drag racing game. While other games come preloaded with just a handful of cars you can drive, this game lets you build your own racing vehicle from the ground up. Even some of the more popular games will only let to customize the outside of your car, but this one lets you create a customized look both on the inside and outside of your car. With dozens of colors, accessories and bodies to choose from, it is easy to make your dream car.

Customizing your car might not sound that amazing, but once you download and look at this game, you will understand why customizing is so important. Not only can you choose from traditional makes and models like a Toyota, you also have full access to some gorgeous imports and more stylish foreign models. Whether you want a pink car with a sleek body and chrome exhaust pipes or a black Lamborghini with bold wings on the sides, you can make anything you can imagine in your head. You will never have a problem locating your car on the virtual track.

Drag Racer is a classic racing game, but it takes some time to learn how to race your new car. Moving your car through the track is as easy as holding down on the spacebar to accelerate and using the arrows on your keyboard to move around the track. Many new players have some problems learning how to race in the early stages. They either do not get the car moving fast enough or move to quickly and damage their cars, which leaves them out of the race and watching their virtual competitors fly by.

Those with an interest in drag racing will find that this game mimics those races fairly well. Instead of racing around a curvy and winding track, you just need to get from the start line to the finish line following a straight path. After a few attempts at racing, you will likely realize that the game does not offer anything new in the form of circuits. Though the backgrounds might change, you still just need to get from one point to the next.

Drag Racer is not a good substitute for Need for Speed or other racing franchises, but it does offer a fresh take on the drag racing game genre. The customization options let you create the perfect car, and it features an extensive selection of American and foreign cars. Though the poor graphics might turn off some players, others will appreciate that the game lets them create custom vehicles for racing in the game.


  • Completely customize your perfect virtual racing car.
  • Wide range of vehicles available in the game.
  • Create and design both the interior and exterior of your car.


  • Graphics do not compete with other computer racing titles.
  • New players will have problems learning how to race in the beginning.
  • Similar tracks have a repetitive feel.

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